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Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to “win” as a team or an organization; and it is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring.


Let Bill speak & train at your next event. The perfect speaker for events, training workshops and continuing education. Goal setting, technology, and Big Hat No Cattle

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Big Hat No Cattle teaches the millionaire mindset. A book that shows the slow & steady process to financial freedom. Planning, saving, goal setting & much more.

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How strong is your leadership & Network? Master Networks’ mission is to lead a movement of learning-based, service-orientated entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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I started my first company at12 years old. Security, technology, design, and digital. Thirty-seven years later we are still going strong! Globelink Systems, Recurring Billing.Net, Technology, CRM & Digital


Things I read and write about. Everything from technology, planning, goal setting, money mastery and much more…


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Take your business to the next level. People can expect to add $100k to their bottom line with our seminars and training.

The Millionaire Mindset

Bill’s book Big Hat No Cattle teaches the mindset of a millionaire. Strategy, planning, saving, goal setting & much more. Are you tough enough to be a millionaire?

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Links and sites that will help build your business. These sites can help you save time, make money, improve your website and more.

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Things I Read & Write About

Smart ways for borrowers to get out of debt

Smart ways for borrowers to get out of debt

It is a legal as well as a moral obligation to repay your debts on time. It is quite a challenging job to handle debts and any form of mismanagement can affect both your financial and mental well-being. Though it is easier to manage small debts, it is difficult to...

Best Ways to Save Effectively

Best Ways to Save Effectively

Future is uncertain! No matter how wealthy you are, you never know what’s in store for you in the days to come! God forbid, if something went horribly wrong, you might end up being bankrupt! Sounds scary? Well, the idea is not to scare you or to make you feel nervous....

Avoiding Debt?

Avoiding Debt?

The debt trap is a burdensome thing to handle. It takes place when you are unable to repay your debts on time, or when there is a huge overdue amount to be paid. One needs to take a fresh loan in order to repay the existing ones and in this way, the outstanding amount...