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About Me

From a very early age, I was fascinated by money and people. Starting my first company in my early teenage years and I did everything from instinct. Throughout the years the instincts turned into experiences. Some good, but a lot of them bad. Throughout my career, I’ve met tens of thousands of people. I’ve seen it all. The experiences both good and bad have created the wisdom I’d like to share in my book and in my training seminars.

I’ve owned more than 20 companies in my lifetime. Today I focus on Globelink Systems, The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Technology Training, Writing, Lead Generation, Information Technology, Digital Media, and As I get older the “high in my life” is helping and speaking to people. Sharing knowledge but also receiving it.

I read three books a week and love to learn. I currently live in Edmond Oklahoma with my wife Andrea and my two daughters Carrie and Leann.

Life is good!